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Joint Pain

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Joint Pain

Attacking Joint Pain

Joint pain is symptomatic of possibly several problems at once or only one. On the one hand it can be so minor as to be an over worked joint, strained muscles extending into the joints, momentary tenderness of the cartilage from temporary inflammation, to total deterioration of the joint sockets.

No one answer is imminent for everyone reading this article but an individual can, in many cases, relieve joint pain, reduce joint pain or eliminate joint pain altogether.

If you have been experiencing joint pain for some period of time. If there is redness of the joints, swelling of the joints and this condition has been present for an extended period of time then it is time to see a physician. It is not out of the order to see a physician to get a diagnosis. It may be in order to then research and try alternatives to the recommended drugs the physicians may recommend.

In this article several types of joint problems will be discussed. Depending on the Doctors diagnosis will depend on the measures that you might take on your own. Obviously is your joint is worn out then collagen would not be the answer.

First, joint pain has a lot of names:

  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Viral joint infection
  • Joint Sprain
  • Joint Strain

This is not all of the joint pain problems that can invade you life. The arthritis problems alone have many other names. However, generally joint problems can be broken down into a simpler form. It is pain from inflammation or infection caused by virus or caused by degradation of the cartilage and/or joints, or joint pain caused by strain or sprains. I know this sounds to simple yet you hurt from a very few reasons that have many names all associated with a few things in combination with each other. Also, after diagnosis is made there are alternatives as simple as heat or cold, anti-inflamatory medication, herbal and mineral remedies such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate, CMO (cetyl myristoleate), MSM, Fish oil, Boswellia, and Proteolytic Enzymes, Collagen Type II and combinations of these. All have been know to relieve the symptoms of joint pain and the conditions causing the inflammation surrounding the joint pain.

There is not always one answer for the pain and there is no one answer fits all for the relief. Each person is unique. Our bodies are different. And the causes of joint pain and cartilage destruction are varied.

If you suffer from chronic joint pain, and the only help you've been able to find is from daily doses of aspirin or prescription drugs, or if you're concerned about more than just the pain issue and are looking to prevent further degradation of your joints, then read on. Early diagnosis and proper care of joint problems that could become severe can often times eliminate the need for joint replacement surgery latter.

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