Monday, June 1, 2020

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Physical Exercise

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Take Your Feet-
Put your feet to the ground and start walking. Your feet will thank you, your heart will thank you, and Mother Nature will thank you for helping cut down on air pollution.

Try In-line Skating-
Fun, fast, and easy to learn, in-line skating is a great way to spend a day outside with friends. Remember to wear the gear: a helmet and knee, wrist, and elbow pads.

Take the Stairs-
Forget the elevator. By simply taking the stairs every chance you can, you'll get a workout without even thinking.

Walk the Dogs-
Whether you volunteer or get paid, dog walking is a fun, furry way to be physically active.

Bike There-
Mountain bikes are it! They go wherever you take'em. So grab your friends and hit the trail. Of course, wear a helmet.

Earn Extra Cash-
That's right. Make money while helping your body. Try mowing lawns, weeding gardens, shoveling snow, and cleaning garages.

Turn Up t h e M u si c - Shake, rattle, and roll to your favorite tunes. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you move to the beat.

Baby Sit-
Sounds silly, but if you've never kept up with a toddler you're in for a big suprise. They moveā€”and they move fast! Keeping your eye on a tot can challenge even the quickest teen.

Lap It Up-
Swimming, diving, even water polo are all great activites and a real splash to do with friends. So don't be a drip, learn to do a flip.

Play One-On-One Basketball-
Talk about a total body workout. First person to 21 wins!!!

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